To Kill a Mockingbird
Judge Taylor
Themes and Setting
The Trial

Atticus thinks that Judge Taylor is a fair judge. He has interesting habits that surprise Scout. He chews cigars in the courtroom, and he permits smoking even though he does not smoke. During the Tom Robinson trial he puts his feet up on the table; it surprises Scout how casual he seems to be in the court.
When Tom Robinson has been killed, Bob Ewell thinks that he needs to get back at the people who were involved in the trial. Judge Taylor was sitting in his reading room on Sunday morning while his wife was at church. He heard a scratching noise and told his dog to be quiet, only to realize that his dog wasn't making any noise. He went to the back porch to find knife marks in the screen door while it was flying open. He saw a shadow of his visitor, but never saw his face. We can assume it was Bob Ewell. Atticus claims that Bob would want to get back at the Judge because Atticus may have contradicted him, but the Judge "made him look like a fool."