To Kill a Mockingbird
Boo Radley
Themes and Setting
The Trial

Arthur Radley (Boo)

Boo is the town's gossip. His family does not participate in the usual social activities, so the town makes up stories about him. Many people fear their family and their home. Some people even walk long distances to go around another way than to go near their home.
Boo does not come out from his house, or when the neighbor's see. He was in trouble with the police when he was a young boy, and is very religious. His parents kept him inside. He lives with his brother, and Miss Stephanie claims that she saw Boo Radley stab his father in the leg while clipping out articles from the newspaper.
Calpurnia, when she finds that the dog has rabies, tries to warn all the families. She runs to the Radley's home and screams and shouts on their doorstep that there is a rabid dog.
Scout and Jem believe that he may be the person leaving many things for them to find in the tree. They find a spelling metal, two Indian-head pennies, bars of soap that resemble Scout and Jem, a watch, gum, and some other things. When Miss Maudie's house catches on fire, Scout is outside in the cold watching. Boo comes up behind her and puts a blanket on her without Scout even noticing until she came home with a blanket around her shoulders.
Towards the end of the book, when Mr. Ewells tries to attack Jem and Scout, Boo comes out and stabbs Mr. Ewells to save Jem. Scout walks Boo home and the sheriff claims that Mr. Ewells fell on his own knife. Boo is never seen again.
Scout, at the end, "walks through" Boo's shoes when she walks him home and we realize that Scout and Jem are almost like Boo's children.