To Kill a Mockingbird
Themes and Setting
The Trial

Charles Baker Harris

Dill introduces himself to Jem by announcing that he could read. He was seven years old, and Scout described his white hair as "duckfluff". He had blue eyes, and was one year older than Scout.
His mother was a photographer in Meridian, Mississippi, but his family was actually originally from Maycomb. When Scout asks him who his father is, he says that he doesn't have a father. He once was entered in a Beautiful Child contest and he won five dollars.
Every summer he would come to live with his aunt, Aunt Rachel, in Maycomb. Jem became fascinated with Dill because he claimed he saw the movie Dracula. He replaced Scout in their plays and games by being all the characters the no one wanted to be. They eventually got fed up with that and started a new game called "The Radleys". They acted out rumors that they had heard about the Radleys. Atticus caught them and told them to stop.
Dill was known to tell his stories. He told them that he met his father, that he had seen the movie Dracula and many other things. Later in the story we find out that his family does not want him. They aren't mean to him, and they do not abuse him, but they don't want to take care of him. He's passed around the family, which Scout, at first, does not want to believe. He ran away from his "new father" because he didn't like him. He said that he tied him up and left him to die, and somehow managed to escape, but in reality we know that he was making up another one of his stories.
Dill was the first person to become completely obsessed with the Radley's. He always wanted to spy on them and make up stories about them.
He and Scout claim they will one day be married. He wants to be a father one day to be a good father and love his children.